mechanical fix equipment

Manufacturer of fixed mechanical equipment, pressure tanks, storage tanks

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Construction of fixed mechanical equipment, pressure tanks, storage tanks for oil and gas projects, steam and water systems

The construction of all kinds of fixed mechanical equipment including the following equipment or customized according to the standards of the world is done:

  • Types of pressure vessels
  • All types of tanks and storage tanks
  • deaerator
  • duct
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Sand filter
  • Fire heater
  • Fire tube boilers
  • Industrial water treatment equipment
  • Heat recovery boilers
  • Hot water boiler and fire tube steam
  • Heater unit

Also we supply  mechanical fix equipment in utility systems within the oil and gas industry. Focusing on applications in reservoirs, water treatment, steam generation, air compression, and more, the discussion explores the diverse set of mechanical tools that contribute to the efficient and safe functioning of these utility systems.

  • Air compressor for instrumentation
  • Nitrogen package
  • Steam Generation systems
  • other utilities

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