corrosion monitoring design

Corrosion monitoring design

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Corrosion monitoring design:

It is very important to choose the best corrosion monitoring location for installing kerogen coupons and probes and installing corresponding corrosion connections to monitor the corrosion rate. When choosing the installation and monitoring location, you should pay attention to the following:

1- The highest amount of corrosion in pipelines is in critical points such as bends, before valves and generally in places where there is a possibility of sedimentation and fluid retention at that point. Therefore, to determine the highest corrosion rate for a pipe, it is recommended to install coupons and probes at critical points as the worst case or the highest corrosion rate.

2- The entrance of the coupon or probe inside the tube can be from any side up, down, left or right, depending on the access space and the function space of the retriever, which is indicated by the clock.

3- Considering that the used fluid is liquid or gas, corrosion can occur at the bottom of the pipe or the upper part of the pipe. For example, for liquids, according to their weight, movement and deposition and as a result, corrosion occurs mostly at the bottom of the pipe, but for gases, the corrosion rate may be higher at the top or in the middle, so the location of corrosion monitoring is determined based on determining the highest amount of corrosion.

4- In gases, higher fluid speed and erosion cause corrosion. Therefore, the choice of the monitoring location is based on this.

5- In the places where pigs are run, in order to prevent the collision with pigs, the monitoring site must be at the same level as the pipe, and the coupon and probe cannot be selected from the type entering the pipe.

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